Dental Implants

A smile with missing teeth suffers in both its function and appearance. Dental implants provide a comprehensive replacement for missing teeth that restores proper chewing and jaw health.

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Tooth Replacements in Cook County

Dental implants are generally made up of three major parts: the biocompatible post, the connecting abutment, and the visible restoration. One or more titanium posts are first placed into the jaw, serving as the smile’s new set of roots. These posts fuse with the bone and generate a unified supporting structure. An abutment connects a prosthetic replacement onto an implant and establishes reformed dental structure.

Implants provide the following procedures:

Single-unit crowns are an alternative to traditional bridges that preserves the alignment of neighboring teeth rather than alter it. Receiving an implant for a crown enhances the longevity of the jaw bone and improves the surrounding structure.

Implant-supported bridges fill gaps between teeth and rows of missing teeth. A porcelain prosthetic is affixed to a set of two to three implants placed in an ideal position for optimal support. These restorations gather their support directly from the jaw.

Implant-supported dentures replace an entire arch using anywhere from four to eight implants. These implants stabilize dentures and provide enhanced stability and performance. Those who use dentures with dental implants also experience improved jaw health and a longer-lasting smile.

Patients seeking dental implants must be in good-standing oral health and possess adequate bone volume and density in order to receive and maintain placement. Once an implant is in place, it is imperative to a patient’s health to continue maintaining their oral hygiene routine as they normally would. Patients should return to

Maintenance and Care

It is imperative to your oral health to receive routine care every three to six months to ensure implants are cleaned to prevent inflammation and further complications. Dental implantitis becomes an issue when individuals that utilize dental implant neglect to properly keep their oral health well-kept and clean.

With consistent care, dental implants can last nearly a lifetime, providing support for both surrounding structure and the replacement prosthetic.

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