Periodontal Disease Treatment
Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment

A beautiful smile begins with a strong foundation of periodontal health. Keeping your smile free from gingivitis and advanced gum disease improves both dental appearance and overall wellness. With gums in good condition, your teeth have the necessary support to remain functional for a lifetime.

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Benefits of Treating Gum Disease

More than just the gums are at risk from periodontal disease. As gingivitis advances to periodontitis, harmful bacteria can enter the body through the pockets that have been increased by tartar advancing down the gum line. The subsequent infection contributes to systemic issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

Without proper treatment, gum disease eventually leads to severe dental decay, jawbone atrophy, and tooth loss.

Treatment for periodontal disease is best administered at the first sign of gingivitis, as this greatly improves Dr. Brammeier’s ability to completely reverse its effects on oral and general health.

What Can You Expect from Periodontal Care with Dr. Brammeier?

Patients that come to our Schaumburg practice for periodontal maintenance can expect their deep cleaning to take up to full hour.

After conducting a thorough examination to determine treatment, our hygienist performs scaling and root planing. This procedure eliminates plaque and tartar buildup from below the gum line to allow the natural healing process to take place. The first component of the procedure involves manually removing tartar, followed by smoothing away ridges and bumps around tooth roots that permit plaque buildup. This ensures teeth are safeguarded from disease recurrence and that patients are can enjoy typical function from their smile.

With five hygienists on staff, our patients are never left waiting for treatment. Dr. Brammeier and our team also spend time educating patients on the best care methods to complement our treatment in the office.

Conservative Periodontal Treatment

We take patient comfort into full consideration when administering dental treatment. Dr. Brammeier takes a conservative approach to periodontal care, ensuring we preserve as much natural tissue as possible. For long-lasting results and enduring gum health, we recommend patients return to our practice in three to four months for follow-up care.

With complex and severe cases, we collaborate with a local specialist to offer comprehensive surgical options to address surrounding dental structures in their entirety.

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