Cleanings & Prevention
Cleanings & Prevention

Cleaning and Prevention

Maintaining optimal oral health year after year starts with bi-annual exams and cleanings. Without professional dental cleanings, tartar can accumulate and increase the risk for severe complications like gingivitis and decay; however, with routine, reliable care, your smile is protected against common dental issues.

Visit Dr. Thomas Brammeier and his experienced staff for cleanings and exams in Schaumburg, IL. We’re devoted to helping patients achieve and maintain their most beautiful smiles.

Examinations and Diagnosis

Initial examinations at our office are as thorough and include modern dental techniques. During the initial exam, we completely chart the patients’ oral structures, including teeth, gums, and the bone. We check for common dental issues like decay and gingivitis. Oral cancer screenings and charting of periodontal pocket depth routinely occur at least once a year.

A complete blueprint of your smile and surrounding dental structures is captured using our state-of-the-art digital X-ray and panoramic technology. We map existing issues and restorations as well as use the images to plan for future treatments.

Committed to Improving Oral Health

With five hygienists on staff, patients never wait to be seen and always receive experienced care monitored by several dental care professionals. We utilize the latest in dentistry to improve services and patient satisfaction. Ultrasonic handpieces make it easy for us to maintain a gentle approach while providing thorough dental cleanings.

Through preventive dental care, we preserve oral health and natural teeth. Avoiding dental issues like decay and gingivitis not only keeps your smile looking great, it saves money in the future too.

The appearance of your smile is just as important as your health. During examinations, Dr. Brammeier will suggest any restorations or improvements that may result in better function and appearance. During this time, we encourage patients to ask questions and get involved with their dental care.

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