Family Dentistry

A person’s oral health greatly influences the quality of their smile. Patients that take care of their smile from early childhood into their senior years can preserve their natural teeth and keep them white.

Drs. Jon and Louis offer a wide range of preventive and restorative dental treatments for the entire family. Call today to schedule an appointment, and discover options for improving your family’s smiles.

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Children’s Dental Care

Early prevention is at the basis of dental care. Many dental issues like cavities and gum disease are entirely preventable with the proper oral health care. The doctors and their team are committed to helping young patients maintain their most beautiful smile well into adulthood.

Examinations conducted at our office offer thorough diagnosis of existing conditions as well as projections for potential areas of risk. Our proactive approach to dental care makes sure each patient remains attentive to their dental health, ensuring an educational experience with every visit. During exams, the doctor also provides orthodontic evaluations for any teeth alignment needs and offer Invisalign  

Cleanings are essential in eliminating tartar buildup before it can become an issue. While brushing and flossing at home are essential to keeping a smile healthy, routine visits to the dental office at least once every six months will protect your smile from gingivitis and decay.

Patients showing signs of greater risk for issues like cavities and decay can receive advanced preventive measures that will further preserve their teeth. Sealants applied to teeth with deep fissures keep food debris out of the crevices and prevent cavities. Fluoride treatment can be applied to encourage the remineralization process and bolster dental health.

Restorations and Maintenance

As we age, teeth need regular maintenance to promote an attractive, natural-looking smile well into one’s senior years. Our practice offers several restorative dental care options to improve oral health and maintain a healthy smile. Procedures we offer include:

Crowns restore treated or damaged teeth and protect them against reinfection. Patients have the choice of several materials, including highly durable gold to shade-matched, tooth-colored porcelain.

Bridges fill small gaps and replace one or two teeth using a porcelain prosthetic made to look like a group of teeth.

Full and partial dentures replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth using an acrylic and/or porcelain prosthetic that imitates the look of natural gums and teeth.

Dental implants support prosthetics while also replacing the roots of teeth. This provides the most comprehensive restoration and allows for the preservation of the jaw bone.

Root canal therapy can be essential to save a tooth from extraction. This procedure involves eliminating decay from inside the tooth and restoring the tooth with a crown.

Extraction may be necessary when a tooth or several teeth are severely compromised beyond repair or when teeth are impacted.

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At Schaumburg Dentistry, helping you keep your family’s smile in top shape is our main objective. Scheduling an appointment by calling our practice today, and find out how we can help you achieve and maintain your best smile yet.

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